Join our ‘Why not CLIL?’ Summer course

Do you know how to improve or design a better lesson plan for your CLIL subject? Would you like to introduce some ICT tools into your CLIL lessons? Could your assessment become a more useful process for your students and you than just marking?

At Escuela Virtual de Espiral we are offering you the opportunity of training on these important aspects  for good CLIL  lesson plans. Step by step, throughout  the online course Why not CLIL? Javier Ramos Sancha and Julián Sanz Mamolar, the tutors, will try to guide you about:

  1. Starting with CLIL: A reflection about how your school and you are to start building CLIL.
  2. Content and Communication in CLIL:  Scaffolding and cooperative learning in CLIL.
  3. Evaluation and Assessment: Shared evaluation (teacher, students and groups) and the use of thinking routines for this purpose.
  4. ICT in CLIL: Looking for great and useful resources for your lessons also to start with content curation at CLIL.

Join us and create a community of teachers that share and learn together!!

We are waiting for you!!